There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites impersonating ESVS 2019 and we would like to warn all participants to be aware of possible scams and strongly advise that you only use the official accommodation partner, Congrex Switzerland, when making reservations.



Individual Reservations

Participants can book their hotel room online.


Group Reservations

Group bookings cannot be made online as different terms and conditions apply. For further information, up-to-date availability and reservation, please contact us at hotel.esvs@congrex.com


Location of Hotels

Please view the ESVS 2019 hotel map for more information on the location of the hotels.


Payment Policy

For online reservations full credit card payment is required. After a successful reservation you will receive a written confirmation by e-mail. When checking out, all extras (mini-bar, telephone charges, room service, etc.) must be settled with the hotel directly.


Terms & Conditions for contracted hotels
Reservations can only be made online and payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) is mandatory.

  • Cancellations

For cancellations made before 7th July 2019, a handling fee of EUR 60.00 applies. Cancellations received after 7th July 2019 will be charged in full.

Cancellations of individual nights (i.e. date changes) are also considered as cancellations and will be charged as such.


Requests for refunds may be considered after the conference if the room has been resold (either by Congrex or the hotel).


  • Name Changes

Changes can be made via Congrex Switzerland at hotel.esvs@congrex.com and are subject to a handling fee of EUR 30.00.


Terms & Conditions for accommodation listed by our online partner Expedia

For bookings of accommodation with the Expedia Affiliate Network logo, the terms and conditions stated on the hotel voucher and in the hotel description apply.


For inquiries, please contact the official accommodation partner:


Congrex Switzerland Ltd.

Peter Merian-Strasse 80

CH-4002 Basel

Tel: +41 61 690 94 11

Fax: +41 61 690 94 14

E-Mail: hotel.esvs@congrex.com

ESVS 2019

c/o Congrex Switzerland Ltd.
Reinacherstrasse 131
P.O. Box
4053 Basel / Switzerland

+41 61 686 77 77

+41 61 686 77 88



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